Indiana’s Stasi Prof – Silencing Dissent In Class

After our mention of the East German Stasi this week – Stasi Documentary, March 13th – WIll Merkel Star?  – the red gestapo responsible for stifling dissenting voices, here’s an interesting American report.



This creature below is an ‘academic’ whose special areas of interest include not only drivel-subjects like  ‘ecofeminist theologies’ but also ‘disability theologies’  – the latter of which she has perhaps interpreted as a license from God Almighty…


‘Oh no! It’s not God The Mother!’


…to disable her students from the right to speak up against propagation of freako ‘transgender’ propaganda.


Alison Downie

Just look at that condescending simper!

  • Student Banned From Class On Christianity For Challenging Pro-Transgender Arguments

 Please read the linked story and stay alert for the outcome of the student’s case, which is due next week, March 19th…

Hasil gambar untuk Indiana University Pennsylvania

…when Indiana University Pennsylvania’s ‘Academic Integrity Board’ deliver their verdict on this leftist nutjob’s authoritarian censorship of dissenting views when the class was meant to be having a discussion.

BTW, she’s also, according to what we read, totally sexist.

 Male students were, according to Ingle, instructed to remain silent until the female students had their chance to speak,.says her victim.


How do these creepy pinkos get plum professorial jobs in American academia.

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.., and other people who’d be better off sweeping the streets or cleaning toilets (no offence to those honest occupations but they do not have the power to influence young minds!)

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