Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition!

An appalling move to make, May using OfCom as a cat’s paw to start shutting down critical media.


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One expects that kind of thing from a Third World despotism like Venezuela or even Socialists in the UK, like the queer Bryant and his comrades.

Members of Britain’s Parliament are calling for a ban of RT (formerly “Russia Today”) network and website in the United Kingdom following the suspected nerve gas attack of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury.

Current and former labor ministers Stephen Doughty and Chris Bryant called on Prime Minister Theresa May to take action against RT, which broadcasts in the United Kingdom under a license with the Office of Communications (Ofcom).

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…or for everyone except those who upset Theresa May?


Bryant is of course no friend to democratic principles, if democratic decisions don’t please his prejudices.

Bermuda Re-Embraces Decency! May’s Minion ‘Disappointed!’ 

So his censorious shrilling – “Can we just stop ‘Russia Today’ just broadcasting its propaganda in this country?” is no surprise at all.

His authoritarianism is matched only by his hypocrisy!

RT, which called itself a pawn in the international incident, streamed a 2014 episode featuring Bryant on the network promoting his book on constitutional reform.


“Bryant is seemingly happy to appear on RT when it suits his interests,” said the network.

But will May corral ‘Conservative’ MPs into taking the same stance?

Very probably, and the theoretically ‘independent’ OfCom is showing its true colours by postponing any steps against RT until she has told them what to think. 

“We have heard the Prime Minister’s statement in the House of Commons this afternoon and we await her further statement on Wednesday [March 14)]. We will then consider the implications for RT’s broadcast licenses,” said the agency.   https://www.mediaplaynews.com/u-k-politicos-call-for-russia-today-tv-ban/

Time for a petition, anyone?