Revolting? Google’s Far-Left Bosses Face Further-Left Fury!

Google is a stench in the nostrils of many of those who use its search engines, not only for their leftist manipulation of their ‘news’ ranking…

Circumvent Google Gag Order! ‘Russia Today’ OK!

…but also for their gestapoid witch-hunting of employees who don’t share management’s far-left prejudices.



  • But now we read that the very same bigot management are under fire from even further-left unpatriots in their employ, militant pinko scumbags…



enraged at the company after discovering that the AI they built is presently being used by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to analyze the massive troves of video footage captured by military drones.

Googlers are furious about their AI being used with military drones

The website whence I plucked this report seems to be fairly leftish itself, for it blends its ‘news’ with this downright bizarre observation.

It’s understandable that employees at Google would be concerned and angry to learn that what they’ve built may be used to assist military activities they may not be aligned with.

No it’s not. Not understandable I mean.

Every decent American, like every decent Brit or French or Canadian, should be supportive of his or her country’s military.

A lot of people may well be displeased at some jobs the armed forces are given, but that’s no reason not to be on board with giving them the tools to ensure success.

The alternative is disloyal subversion…though I suppose that’s what one expects of the far-left.

As indeed, Google’s lousy commissar class proves with its response to hyper-pinko whining.

The company noted that its tech is being used to help with object recognition on unclassified data, and “is for non-offensive uses only.”

So if Google’s ‘tech’ were to be put to good use to defeat an enemy attack, or to take out terrorists?

Would Google not have been happy to help? Would it have refused to provide ‘tech’ to defeat America’s enemies?

Would Google prefer it if the men and women in the military were to find themselves in harm’s way?

Gambar terkait

Silicon Valley – a swamp inhabited by slimy things.