Expel Russians, Welcome ISIS? May’s Appeasement Shames UK!

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Thanks to Leave.EU for the illustration above, and to another sensible blog for a fulsome article (https://www.westmonster.com/record-number-of-terror-arrests-412-in-2017/) on that shrill, plummy-voiced pusillanimous woman….

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Theresa The Appeaser


….who is quite beside herself about the (so far unproven) Russian danger to life and limb faced by  innocent people throughout the UK.

Proven or not, she has just told the Commons that no less than TWENTY THREE Russians are to be expelled from British soil.

That’s almost FOUR HUNDRED fewer than the total of dangerous aliens reported ( in the linked article above) given her green light to return to menace the United Kingdom.


.The facts are not only available via sensible blogs but from the leftist ‘Independent’ newspaper. More than 400 British Isis jihadis have already returned to UK


…that figure does NOT include any MORE terrorist adherents of the ISIS rape-gang who may be landing on that same British soil even as I temporarily resist the temptation to bake peacefully in the sun that’s beating down on my front yard.

The woman is not stupid.

So she must be judged for her deliberate embrace of every single one of those satanic ‘caliphate’ vermin who have swarmed back into the country they betrayed.

Although they scuttled off to join the Islamist cause…



…May will make sure they’ll get provided with publicly funded accommodation, instead of the shallow graves in unhallowed ground…


…instead of the swift execution they deserve!

May kicks out Russians and welcomes jihadists?

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