Chin Up, Poles! Dublin ‘Justice’ Is ROTTEN to The Core!

Extraditions by EU states of alleged criminals to Poland could stop after an Irish court ruling…  

Irish precedent may halt EU extraditions to Poland – EUobserver

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Turns out that a notorious lesbian judge named Aileen Donnelly has shown herself up by requesting an opinion from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on whether Artur Celmer, who is wanted by Poland on drugs trafficking charges, would get a fair trial at home.

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  • Nothing to do with the man in the dock, or his alleged crime but with the Euro-Commissars’ on-going jihad against Polish reforms…

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  • …which, as we know, were put in place to rid their courts of communist sloth and post-communist corruption.

    Polish justice system ‘deeply flawed’: new PM – Radio Poland

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  • The shrill wigged lesbian goes totally OTT in her yelping.

  • “The Polish government was guilty of “what appears to be the deliberate, calculated and provocative legislative dismantling … of the independence of the judiciary, a key component of the rule of law.”

  • Disgusting slur on Polish justice, and an open contempt for Polish democracy…

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  • …for the Law and Justice Party government there has a strong electoral mandate to clean up those courts.

  • But maybe it’s the Polish party’s name that has upset the lesbian. At least one of her other recent rulings has shown little enthusiasm for law or justice.

  • =Damien McLaughlin faces charges over the killing of prison officer David Black

  • David Black murder: Unionist anger at Dublin extradition judgment

  • By keeping a man accused of involvement in terrorist murder safe from British justice, Donnelly’s very much in the tradition of shameful extradition rulings which have pock-marked the face of Eire ‘law’ for many, many years, as in 1988…

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    Irish Deny British Bid to Extradite Priest Suspected of Aiding I.R.A

  • …and long before that!

    “The Republic of Ireland has a shameful history when it comes to the extradition of suspects during the Troubles. From 1973 until 1997 the UK sought the extradition of 110 suspects from the Republic, but only eight were extradited.” Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, MP.

  • Fans of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang had many occasions to be grateful to slimy Eire judges in ‘courts’ that were mere forums for terrorist sympathisers to ask for and receive whatever best benefited the scum they represented.

  •  So if Poles are concerned, as they no doubt are…

    “It is incomprehensible that general, abstract deliberations, projections and speculations become the basis of such an important decision as the handover of a criminal sought in the whole of Europe,” said one Polish minister

    …by this liberal lesbian Europhiliac’s ranting, they should at least not be surprised.

  • The Eire courts have long been tainted by scandalous indifference to honest judgements on extradition.