Dutch Girls Raped, Attackers Hunted, BUT…No Descriptions?

The authorities in Antwerp are investigating a gang-rape involving five men raping two young Dutch women. Three suspects were arrested so far, AD reports.


The report gives plenty of information about the circumstances of this sex crime, including the fact that some of the alleged rapists have been detained.


As so often, we have to guess what they look like!


But is it not odd that, with others not yet arrested, NO description of the assailants has been issued, or at least not included in the report?

STOP PRESS!  I was about to publish this just as it is set out above, but…

In the nick of time, THIS was sent to me…read on!

The NOS describes them as “men”, while Nieuwsblad is more specific: they are twenty-something, “of African descent, from Antwerp and Temse.

Belgium: Two Dutch women raped by five men … – The Old Continent