Dutch Democracy V Brussels Propaganda Machine!

Minister under pressure over EU fake news debunkers…

Good to hear that not just the patriot party but a majority of Dutch MPs are pushing Home Affairs Minister Kasja Ollongren to put pressure on Brussels.

This comes after the EuroCommissars’ propaganda website, ‘EU vs Disinfo,’ smeared three popular Dutch media; there will be a parliamentary vote on Tuesday.


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Disinfo? Like smearing Dutch magazines!


The victims of the EUSSR smear – that they were spreading fake news – are demanding that the Brussels anti-disinformation task force fess up and tell the truth – or face a fine of €20,000 a day.

No doubt the Brussels parasites who run the disreputable site deserve to be fined.



….there’s no way the dirty rats would ever have to put their hands in their own pockets to pay the fines!

They’d simply get Brussels to bail them out and Brussels has no money of its own.



The EU is just a giant warthog that survives by letting its snout soak up funds from every tax-payer in every nation subject to their supranational control.

In other words, if the victimised Dutch media win justice, then Dutch tax-payers would pay the fines…

…along with Brits (because May has dragged her feet for a year or more without implementing the will of the British people) and Germans, and French, etc.

The EUObs article usefully tells us that the culprits are hirelings of the EU’s external action service East Stratcom Task Force…



…and THAT is directed by none other than Red Fed Mogherini, unrepentant communist and sometime Facebook friend of a notorious terrorist.

The slimers under her command have already bottled out by taking two of their Dutch targets’ names off their list of ‘villains’  – although the demand for formal rectification remains outstanding.

I gather the Dutch MPs are giving their Europhiliac PM an ultimatum, to get the Brussels gang disabled, and if he doesn’t, then they’ll step up action to bring this nasty little gang to heel.

Minister Ollongren admits that ‘They [the EU officials] should not be taking the place of independent journalism.’

But inexplicably, she maintains that the organisation has a useful role in the fight against fake news…


If she wants to take down dirty media…


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‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 


…she could do worse than look at the gross abuse of state-funded media bias by Holland’s allies Germany, France and the UK.