Ingrate Alien Mayhem In Greece “Results In Xenophobia?” Really?

I see a Greek MP named Theodoros Papatheodorou has raised ‘reports of a rise in crime’ in the sea-port of Patras, which we covered recently…

Has Tsipras Told Greek Cops To Kid-Glove Bogus ‘Refugees?’ 

..and this new report confirms that authorities blame this disturbing news on ‘migrants’ ( aka phoney ‘refugees’ in ‘squats in abandoned factories‘ who want to ‘sneak onto’ ferries headed for beleaguered Italy.



Red Tsipras’ Migration  Minister’s assurance that there are no plans to build an official migrant camp in the Achaia region – which has understandably been opposed by local authorities and residents –  is all very well. After all, if you live in proximity to filthy lawless savages, you want rid of them.


Gambar kisah untuk Dimitris Vitsas dari Kathimerini

Minister Vitsas


What you don’t want is to be accused of ‘xenophobia’ by the said Minister, Dimitris Vitsas, yet he does exactly that. “Such incidents have spiked recently, resulting in rising insecurity among residents, but also of xenophobia.”

Like, uh, xenophobia means fear and hostility to foreigners.

If you or I took a vacation in Achaia, or any part of Greece, we’d be made welcome by the naturally friendly and gregarious people of that country.


Hasil gambar untuk patra achaia map

Greeks are NOT hostile to polite and friendly foreigners, as I learned on my trips there years ago, as a skinny young hitchhiker.

What they, and any sane person, anywhere, understandably fear and dislike are aliens who not only gate-crash their borders but then show their hosts exactly what they are…

 Thieving Crimmigrant Ingrates Provoke Riot in Greece! 


Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

…violent, law-breaking ingrates, who pretended to want ‘refuge’ in a safe country but are now making it clear they see Greece only as a stepping stone to northern nations…



…where they can stick their dirty greedy snouts into deep juicy welfare troughs.

“We have heard reports of more than 100 altercations taking place between the migrants, but also between migrants and police officers in the zone just outside the port…”


Decent Greeks are absolutely entitled to be outraged by these barbarous brutes and want them dealt with.

But we know what Red Tsipras does to patriotic protestors, as we saw on the island of Kos.


Anti-hot spot protesters in Pyli marched as close as they could Sunday to an old military camp earmarked to be one of Greece's five migrant-processing centres. They were stopped by riot police who fired tear gas on the crowd.

They were stopped by riot police who fired tear gas on the crowd.

Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

But that was over a year ago.

Has the Tsipras regime changed, ready to take punitive action against these nasty primitives, numbering some 500, who are  illegally occupying private property whilst waiting to engage in illegal incursions against an allied country?

No way!

We hear only that they’re to  be evacuated, possibly by the end of the month.

“We know about the problem and we’re not overlooking it,” Vitsas responded. “Of course recognizing a problem is not enough; you have to solve it…”

Yet almost at once, we read that despite ‘repeated evacuations,’ the same buildings continue to fill up!

As in our previous report on Patra, we read of incessant criminality.

authorities arrested 760 people hiding in trucks or carrying forged travel documents at Patra in January and February…

So why doesn’t Greece recognise the reality of the problem?



These loutish wasters are NOT ‘refugees’ and need to be dumped back on the Turkish shore, whence they illegally took ship for Greek islands.

NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius! 

Italy, like Greece, has more than enough alien parasites.