Gaystapo Assault In Alaska – Fight Back!

We have a lot of readers in the USA but I don’t know how many of those are resident in Alaska.

However, the decent people in one Alaskan city, Anchorage, are under attack by the gaystapo.

And the key battle will be fought in less than two weeks.

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The good guys need a helping hand.

Here’s part of an appeal from Mass Resistance!

The election is less than two weeks away, so please act today with the most generous gift you can afford to give….

LGBT activists can’t come up with convincing arguments to persuade voters to endorse their position, so instead they resort to ugly attacks on opponents, labeling them bigots. We say, “baloney.” Preventing men from having access to women in intimate areas like showers and bathrooms isn’t about bigotry, it’s about biology.

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Just like the Houston City Council did, local politicians in Anchorage, Alaska ignored the wishes of citizens and enacted an ordinance that allows men to force their way into intimate areas reserved for women and girls simply by claiming a female “gender identity.”

And just like in Houston, citizens have risen up to say “enough” and put the issue on the ballot. It will be decided at the April 3rd municipal election…


 Looking through various news sources, I see the unpleasant far-left hate-group SPLC is weighing in, though it’s been discredited in the eyes of more and more people…

Have A Look At This New Site – Excellently Exposing SPLC

…and of course the ghastlies of the ACLU are hard at work on the side of the freakos.

It’s almost always a given that something supported by that lot is unworthy of support by decent people.


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Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 


Seeking respectability, the ACLU formed a front organisation with collaborationist business busybodies on board, and had the gall to call their front ‘Fair Anchorage.’ 



Happily, the pro-perv outfit was shown up for its UNFAIR dirty tricks, shamelessly purporting to have the local top cop on their side.

Exposed, they hastily back-tracked and had to offer a grovelling apology to the Anchorage Chief of Police.


The gaystapo is mobilising against Proposition 1.


….PS — Here is a link to the campaign’s current TV ad; your donation to the campaign will help keep it on the air. Please give today.

Let’s hope the forces of darkness are defeated!