A Norwegian Minister Who Can Use His Head!

So who is Per Sandberg?


Norway appoints immigration hardliner Sandberg as new justice minister


Must be a good guy, if The Leftal, sorry, The Local, offers us this headline!

Norway appoints immigration hardliner Sandberg as new justice minister



Not only that plaudit, but also the breathless, ominous observation that Sandberg is also considered close to the FrP’s populist wing – Frp is the Norwegian Progress Party – makes him sound a promising chap indeed.

And there’s more!

There’s an amusing anecdote about how he was, over twenty years ago, fined 3000 kroner ($AUD 400)  for hitting an asylum seeker from the former Yugoslavia at a late-night party at his home.

“I don’t remember who started it, but the headbutting went off like a pure reflex and then it was over,” Sandberg has written.

Not all ‘asylum-seekers’ are nasty lying parasites but many are, and some are infinitely worse than that…



…so it’s hard to comment on that particular case, except to wonder why he had invited (IF he had invited) the ‘asylum-seeker’ into his home.

So until the background to the yarn is clear, let’s remember that SOME ‘asylum-seekers’ deserve not head-BUTTING…

Asylum seeker jailed for life in Germany for rape, murder

Iraqi asylum seeker guilty of London Tube bombing

…but head-REMOVAL!

Pity that Europe’s decadent courts won’t impose that right and proper penalty.