“Me So Uptight, Me Gotta Yabba-Yabba Longtime?”


What an absolute uptight this sticky-beak London resident Alice Whittington is…



…sniping from afar at an inoffensive couple in her native Adelaide because of something that’s none of her business – the name they’ve chosen for the hotel they run!



It sounds like she’s swallowed not a dictionary but a pinko sociology prof’s textbook, if this is the kind of guff she spouts.

It’s important because a phrase like this is a gateway stereotype that leads to graver long-term consequences, including harassment, abuse, discrimination and an assumption of sexual subservience.”


A gateway stereotype?

Take a stroll around Adelaide and mingle with its normal citizens and you’ll need to walk many a mile, I’ll bet, before you hear that pretentious junk-phrase.

A glance at the comments about her drivel, on this link –  http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/alice-whittington-adelaide-dining-establishment-hotel-longtime-made-wrong-decision-with-name/news-story/ – tends to confirm my view.


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Although she purports to be all hot and bothered due to having heard, in the rather old movie ( 1987) ‘Full Metal Jacket…’

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…a Vietnamese hooker saying –

Me love you longtime’

– her true colours fly high when she goes on to rant how ‘the overwhelming urge to ensure other cultures ‘assimilate’ is to the detriment of different voices being heard.” 

No, it’s a legitimate expectation that people who make a decision to live in Australia adapt to Australian ways – aka ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’

And the very notion that the owners of the hotel should be pressured to change the name of their hotel, just  because some lefty nutjob doesn’t like it, must surely be about as Un-Australian as it gets.

The abusive bint even seeks to brand the owners ( a husband and wife team – husband white, wife Asian)  a pair of liars  –

Ms Whittington said she does not believe the couple’s claims the name and theme was innocent… – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5507311/Adelaide-Asian-style-pub-Hotel-Longtime-slammed-racist-name.html

But then she has the nerve to whine that SHE’s been subjected to insults because of her twittering tripe!



Apart from becoming as silly as she is, by dignifying her hogwash with a response, twittering abuse at her may be thought unseemly.

If she dislikes the name – her problem, not the owners –  the solution to her problem, apart from growing up (unlikely) is not to cross its threshold.

Meanwhile, maybe, best just to ignore her.

Yet that becomes harder, when some so-called ‘celebrity chef’ named Adam Liaw jumps in, incoherently yelping that “Racism has very little to do with ‘racists.’ “


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Frankly, I have never heard of Liaw – can he make a decent Oz meat pie?


For Pete’s sake!

Why should the media give more prominence ( except when the topic is cookery) to the vapourings of a ‘celebrity chef’ than to a non-celebrity retired fireman, or an unemployed toilet attendant, or a cabbie – or even a hooker!?!

My guess is that anyone from those categories could talk more sense on non-kitchen matters than Liaw.