Fake News UK – Europhiliac Marches Did NOT ‘Pop-Up!’


An odd sort of news-week, this, the Enemy Media falling back on a porn star ( not ‘adult-movie’ star, please  –  !) in the USA…


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  • …and a shrill queer in the UK making trouble about Brexit…

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Shahmir Sanni –

‘a tiff between homosexual lovers…’   


…both of whom seem to have taken an INORDINATELY long time to decide to let their ‘revelations’ be turned into a media circus, giving a pack of left-liberal hacks another chance to undo democracy in both Britain and America.

So I won’t waste time on their on-going boring bluster this Wednesday.

Instead, let me ask you -have you ever been on a protest march?

I have! I’m sure none of you are surprised by that, so here’s another question.

Have you ever ORGANISED a protest march?

Joining in is one thing, but getting it going is another, and it takes damned hard work.

Believe me, I’ve done that too, and while there have been some spontaneous marches I’m aware of….


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…. like these British patriots – whose spontaneity is clear from their home-made placards…


Rest assured that the great majority of the marches, noble or nasty, which you see on your TV or on your High Street, are NOT spontaneous.



They are the result of diligent preparation –  phone calls, and emails and text messages…


  • …and meetings to decide where and when to assemble, then telling supporters. Then there’s creating and/or assembling and distributing placards and banners.

  • Actually, again speaking from personal experience, it’s all enjoyable, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • But my point here is that these self-evident truths make utter nonsense of The Independent’s headline –

‘March For Europe’ protests have popped up across the country…



Just take a look at the one in Exeter!


Not a home-made banner in sight, with ONE possible exception, that one in the top right corner.

All those red ones, mass-produced by professional organisers, and the blue ones- and who paid for them?

As for that Quaker one..


…since when did they become the Devil’s Disciples?