Bravo, Orange County, Besieged By Un-Americans!

It’s been a fine sunny Jakarta day here, so far, me back in my front yard, numerous coffees for breakfast ( yes, another little bit of partying last night!) and a modest bacon and egg brunch.

Now time to catch up on blogging, scanning the news for items of interest.

 When I was just cutting my teeth in politics, admiring Barry Goldwater from afar, the name of Orange Country, California, popped up a lot on my radar.

It was a beacon of conservative common sense.

But back then, all California was sound as a bell. Good senators like Murphy and Hayakawa…



…and of course Governor Ronald Reagan!

Times have been a’changing, the Golden State increasingly infested with illegal aliens…

Judge Pro-Crimmigrants’ Allegiance By The Flag They Fly!  Hasil gambar untuk anti trump demonstration california 2018

Please note this ignoramus can’t even write his placard in English!

…and its political institutions over-run by the vilest sort of leftists – pro-crimmigrant, pro-gaystapo, you name it, the wretched rats running California are wedded to the worst causes you can think of.

CA Gender-Affirming Law Strips Parental Rights


Orange Country is holding out!

Orange County joins Trump suit against sanctuary status

Reminiscent of the heroic defenders of The Alamo, surrounded by hordes of merciless malevolents, that brave little county continues true to America!

But there’s a difference.

While Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett and the others in Texas went down to defeat at the hands of their enemies…


Hasil gambar untuk general patton donald trump


…the courageous councillors in Orange Country know that they are not alone as they face the encircling Un-American predators.

PS – While searching for my illustrations, I came across the interesting theory that The Donald is the reincarnation of General Patton.

Is Trump the Reincarnation of General George Patton? |