Beware Men With Pink Hair? But Pinko Zuckwit’s Scarier!

I am indeed conservative, not only in politics but in my distaste for scruffy gits too lazy to shave in the morning…


‘Designer stubble’ for idle stoats


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…and for people  – like the awful Memmen in CSI Miami –  who cover themselves in tattoos.

So my instinct is to be wary of men who dye their hair pink!


PJ Media Coffee Break Featured Image


Yet what the pink-haired fellow in the news has told us makes me VERY glad I got kicked off Facebook for telling the truth about the Cikeusik Pogrom.


Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!


Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work


PJ Media is a source of news I have found to be both interesting and reliable, and also entertaining, so I recommend you read this revelation and be very wary of Zuckwit’s technology…

Hasil gambar untuk eavesdropping

…and give minutes and minutes of attention to Facebook’s vehement denials…

Hasil gambar untuk it wasn't us

…then unplug yourself from their censorious, notorious, anti-social media empire!