France24's Foul Anti-Police Bigotry! “The Latest Example…”

Been out front again, baking hot in Jakarta today, my talkative visitor gone but France24 droning on within.

As noted often, there’s few days go by without their far-left bias shining through…

Red Nazis Rant In Vienna, Pinko Yanks Oink On France24! 

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…but even I was astounded today by their pinko drip news-caster’s reporting from the funeral of that unlamented (except by his kin and the racist BLM!) criminal in Sacramento.


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Dead criminal Stephon Clark


Just before we were treated to a portion of race-baiter Al Sharp’s ‘eulogy’ (hard work extolling a worthless low-life!) the F24 drone pronounced the formal verdict – albeit the actual investigation is on-going.

The death of the dead-beat law-breaker was, we heard…

‘The Latest Example of Police Brutality Against Unarmed Black Men.’

Thanks, pinko dumbo!

That saves serious professionals a lot of work. Since you’ve told us what’s what, why bother perusing mere facts?

PS a couple of hours later I still had the French propaganda channel on – and they had DROPPED that lying pap!
Still obsequiously recording the events, with the deceased’s half-wit brother capering about like a funky gibbon, but the offensive words I quoted at lunchtime GONE!
Presumably I wasn’t the only one to draw attention to their brazen smear.