An Appeal To Brits – Tell Off This Disgraceful ‘His Grace!’

I missed this news from last month but it so incenses me that I am issuing a belated but impassioned plea to Brit readers to send an email.

I refer to the disputed plaque that was planned to honour the late Enoch Powell, the patriotic hero who should have been Prime Minister.



Most British readers may already know of the row in Wolverhampton, but I quote from the local newspaper.

the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society revealed it had received an application for a plaque for Powell, who was a Tory MP in the city for 24 years.

For non-UK readers these little blue plaques are to be found all over the country…


Gambar terkait


….commemorating famous folk who lived, worked, were born or died at the sites the plaques are installed.

Unfortunately, the newspaper repeats the infamous misquote of Powell’s most famous speech.

...Powell’s notorious Rivers of Blood speech in 1968, in which he warned of the dangers of mass immigration.

I remedied this previously, some years ago.

  • Powell, the greatest PM the UK never had, used no such phrase. Its constant repetition by journalists (who undoubtedly know they are lying) indicates as best as anything could the poisonous dishonesty that permeates the ‘British’ media.
  • Enoch quoted the ancient Sybilline prophecy which foresaw the waters of Rome’s River Tiber foaming blood-red,  Rome entering a terrible time of troubles.
  • And by God he was spot on.
  • UK MultiCult Poll – It All Depends! 


Needless to say, while decent people made their voices heard…Nigel Hastilow: Enoch Powell’s legacy much more than one speech – of course he should have a plaque …a number of worthless leftist wasters objected childishly to honouring the patriot, as they would to any patriot getting recognition of that sort.


Hasil gambar untuk clive gregory bishop of wolverhampton

Far-Left shrill Clive Gregory


But disgustingly, they were joined His Disgraceful Grace, the Bishop of Wolverhampton, a freaky far-left shrill named Clive Gregory, who warned that erecting a plaque for Powell would be tantamount to ‘honouring his racist views’, 

Enoch Powell’s views damned well SHOULD be honoured. If you’re not happy with that short sentence, you’re on the wrong blog-site.

Interestingly, the same local newspaper ran a poll, and got 20,000 responses, with a SEVENTY PERCENT approval rating for the plaque.

A decision will be taken by the historical society in July, it seems…                                                               Hasil gambar untuk wolverhampton historical society

… so let’s all of us send them polite, pleasant emails email:  encouraging them to put up the Powell plaque!

BUT…let’s also email that dog-collared grotesque and tell him exactly what we think of him.


No threats, or coarse insults, please.

That just causes problems.

But a candid critique of anti-patriotic prelates would not go amiss!