Brussels Barricades ‘Fake-News’ Bunker, Bans Questions!

The dirty Brussels war on media who dissent from the Euro-Commissars’ policy line got a well-deserved slap on the snout last month.

As we reported, Dutch Democracy V Brussels Propaganda Machine! Dutch MPs, outraged by Euro-flunkey witch-hunting in the Netherlands, took action to bring them to heel.



And by an overwhelming majority, they ordered the coalition government minister  to get stuck into EUvsDisinfo’s supranational abuse of public funds and shut the swine down.

Alas, one country on its own can’t get the job done – and I’ll bet Re-MAY-ner won’t step up – so every patriot in every EUSSR subject state needs to raise hell.



And you WILL, rest assured, once you read this linked opinion piece from EU Observer

Arjen Nijeboer pulls no punches, so pay close attention, but I single out this one revelation for special mention.

…other Dutch media, puzzled by its bizarre accusations, contacted EUvsDisinfo and investigated into its operations.


Gambar terkait


The EUvsDisinfo spokesperson told them they could not visit its headquarters nor were they allowed to speak to its team members.

These bloody leeches are waging their nasty little war on the tax-payers’ tab.

Every single citizen should be free to see what they’re up to, and to interrogate the worms they employ…

…who are described thus.

EUvsDisinfo claims that it is informed by a volunteer network of more than 400 experts, journalists, government officials, NGOs and think tanks.


“Experts?” By whose definition? Liar Juncker’s?

“NGOs and think tanks?” On the take from Brussels?


Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments! 


Journalists? – Lugenpresse lackeys, like those we’ve exposed time and again?

‘Government officials?’  Obviously on the take from the state!

So no wonder there’s a cover-up, the troupe of informers placed off-limits to anyone wishing to question them.


If we can’t ID the rats, we can’t nail them!


Even so, there has been some progress made in dragging this nefarious network out of the shadows they prefer.

In reality, Dutch public broadcaster NOS discovered that of the claimed 400 volunteers, only 10 are really active.

Together they reported 75 percent of blacklisted articles, while one single jobless volunteer has been responsible for reporting no less than 25 percent of all 3,500 supposed cases of disinformation.



Great article, Mr. Nijboer, even if you call yourself an anarchist!

PS – he himself recommends, for additional background, this enlightening extra.-  read the English subpoena of the court case