Dishonest! DW Hides Green Un-Brit Blogger's Allegiance

And who the Hell is Jon Worth?

None of you, likely, has heard of him, but he’s the nonentity Deutsche Welle, a state-funded channel whose bias we’ve noted often enough…


Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland


…decided in their Lugenpresse wisdom to grant a golden opportunity to diss Brexit.

Catch ’em handing a pro-British blogger any similar megaphone opportunity!

The DW news-flunkey, Terry Martin, a former anchor with CNN International – so don’t expect much in the way of an impartial approach to the news – cordially introduced Worth…


Hasil gambar untuk DW newscaster terry martin


.. as ‘a European citizen with a UK passport,’ a strange appellation, but that, it turns out, is how he describes himself!

How contemptible!

Hardly a True Brit, then, and on closer inspection (of his own blog and other links) we find those same shameful words used by the DW hack…


Jon Worth

EU citizen with a UK passport. Member @die_Gruenen in Kreuzberg. Teaches @CollegeofEurope. 


So right away that DW hack’s deceit is exposed. Presenting Worth as ‘blogger’ on ‘Europe’ is utterly dishonest.



The man’s a fanatical Europhiliac AND a self-confessed member of the Far-Left Greens.


…DW has known about his extremist affiliation for a long time…


Hasil gambar untuk DW jon worth


…because he’s shown up there before, as in that picture above, just after the last German election.

However, Martin is no better than you’d expect from DW, so let’s look more at Worth, a plummy-voiced toff with no small opinion of himself –  Euractiv listed me as among the 40 most influential Britons on EU policyand boasts that he’s on lots of media, some of which are –

LabourList (42 pieces), Politico EuropeGuardian Comment is FreeLeft Foot Forward

No surprises, then!

AND – 

I’ve been responsible for sites such as the Atheist Bus Campaign and the website for Harriet Harman’s campaign to become Labour Party Deputy Leader.

Nothing to be proud of there!

Then, just to make it clear that he’s intrinsically biased against British independence…

I am a former President of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe, 2003-2005).

…on and on he rabbits –  almost five years ago I spent a week live blogging from Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship in the English Channel…Jon Worth Euroblog

Pity he didn’t go to the Arctic, a cruel observer might say, and a crueller one might add, and stay there.

However, having given this disgraceful academic bags of time to jeer and sneer at Brexit, naturally Comrade Ex-CNN Martin observed the basic even-handed principles of journalism by having somebody PRO-Brexit to balance the news-show.


It’s DW, remember!

Any concept of fair play was thrown out the window by Martin, who next brought on the Anti-Brexit Frances O’Grady, of the TUC…


Hasil gambar untuk frances o'grady tuc Mund German


….and then a German union leader named Mund, who began his spiel by saying how much he agreed with O’Grady.

This brazenly slanted ‘news’ programme is exactly what we expect of DW.

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It’s just a pity they churn out all this propagandist hogwash at the German tax-payers’ expense.