Mama MUST Have Known There’d Be FEWER Deportees!


In many cases, German authorities cannot send the migrants back to their countries of origin because the necessary paperwork does not get completed by the relevant embassies and consulates…Indian and Pakistani authorities, in particular, rarely cooperate….cooperation with Lebanon is sketchy, with “replies to requests very rare. Contact with the embassy is poor.”


And Erdolfland?

Cooperation with Turkey on migrant issues…is “poor to very poor, nationwide.” The report also stresses a high number of cases from Afghanistan…

Afghanistan? That’s where German soldiers are risking their lives, BTW.

Oh, and one more country…

… and Russia.


Mama Stasi can order out Russian diplomats in ‘solidarity’ with her fellow-vixen Re-May-ner, so she’s in no position to ask Russia for help in removing undesirable ‘Russians’ – who are probably Chechens or other groups infamous for Islamist affinities.


Since January, some 20,000 asylum requests have been filed by Russian citizens — almost all Chechen — in Poland and Germany. Experts are mostly flummoxed by the influx, which already represents more than a twofold increase over all of 2012. Some point to a spreading rumor about German hospitality toward refugees as a potential cause.

Russians? NOT Really! Chechens Invade Europe! 

But she could easily retaliate against these Third World upstart embassies by ordering every one of their laggard flunkeys out of Germany.

Indeed, her Interior Minister, Herr Seehofer, specifically promised to speed up expulsion of illegal aliens.

A promise Merkel at least knew was not to be kept!

But retaliation against recalcitrant regimes that act in the uppity way described above is not Seehofer’s responsibility but that of the Foreign Ministry.

And with that pro-crimmigrant socialist putz Heiko ‘Himmler’ Maas now in control there…


Gambar terkait

Understanding Maas’ mind-set –‘No People, No Justice, No Freedom’ 

‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

…I bet there won’t be much interest there in removing those unwanted thousands!



And no way Mama will tell him to do his duty to Germany!

PS –

That Compact magazine has some excellent content, if you can read German! Or use Google Translate, and read this, one week’s round-up of the effects of imported savages on normal German life .

Germany on the cutting edge: nationwide bloodshed of Merkel’s guests on the weekend



In 3,800 cases, the person’s nationality could not be established.

Last week, a report suggested that half of all rejected asylum seekers successfully challenge the decision to deny them asylum in

Fewer deportations from Germany due to lack of travel documents

Stamp in passport saying 'deported' (picture alliance/dpa/R.Hirschberger)

The number of migrants who cannot be deported rose in Germany in 2017. Authorities often struggle to obtain the relevant travel documents from their countries of origin, according to a report.