Richard The Lion-Heart! Give The Old Londoner A Medal!

What kind of country has the UK become when bloodthirsty savages can march down the high streets calling for murder…



…yet a senior citizen who takes on an intruder, one of a pair of pigs who had invaded his home, gets dragged off by keystone cops and….

….wait for it…


A pensioner arrested on suspicion of murder was described as a “traditional English gentleman” as neighbours continued to throw their support behind him.


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Richard The Lionheart, London Hero


Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, was released on bail this morning after he confronted a pair of suspected burglars at his home – one of whom ended up being stabbed to death.

Bloody brilliant old fellow – it’s only a pity he didn’t kill both the swine!


And more’s the pity that English law is so degenerate!

Victims of scum who invade other people’s homes to plunder their possessions should have carte blanche to take out the SOBs.

We’ve seen this nonsense before, over recent years, more than once.


  • There was the businessman who admirably handled scumbags who invaded his private property…



Britain’s Cretinous Crown Prosecution Service! 

…and was charged with grievous bodily harm.

The imbeciles of the CPS were left with red faces then!

Then there was the infamous case of Tony Martin, another senior citizen, hauled in by clown cops to face charges of injuring a criminal lout.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Norfolk | Tony Martin: 

Again, moronic prosecutors were culpable for this folly. If there was any justice, he’d have maybe been criticised for not killing the rat, but at least commended for putting his shotgun to good use.  ,

Nor is stupidity in Prosecution offices unique to the UK. Canada has the same problem.

Thomson Acquitted, OK! Now Fire The Prosecution Fool! 

What must now be done is swift action to quash any possible repercussion against the senior citizen, unless it turns out the law-breakers were not breaking the law, that he had invited them in for coffee and then took a sudden dislike to them.

An unlikely scenario.

If all charges are not dropped promptly, it’s petition time again.

Richard Osborn-Brooks: Hundreds sign petitions in support…

Ooops! It’s already started!