German Charity Bows To Bullies! Alien Snouts Welcome!


Sad to read how that the ‘Tafel,’ that food-bank in Essen, battered mercilessly by left-liberal shrills who unleashed a storm of whining…

The Tafel’s entrances and vans were vandalized with graffiti reading “F*** Nazis,” and even Chancellor Angela Merkel waded into the debate, saying that she didn’t think the food bank had dealt with its issues in the proper way.



…for its decision that only people with German passports could sign up for new membership cards, has now declared it will restore access to Mama Stasi Merkel’s favourites.

Tafel said back in January that 75 percent of members were foreign, and that older Germans were staying away because of “pushing and shoving” in the line for food.

We covered this at the time…


German Charity Cares For Germans, Faces Hate-Gang Rage! 

Interesting to see how Deutsche Welle insidiously inserts it own bias into the article…

…read this sentence carefully!

But as observers and lawmakers from across the political spectrum pointed out, such measures should be decided based on neediness, not nationality.

One little word – ‘as ‘ – and that comma after ‘out,‘ which transforms the pinko ranting of some ‘observers and lawmakers‘ into a universal truth.

The purpose of the Tafel is surely not to feed primitives with the manners of pigs!

But rather than than just say so, the management  tried to fend off the pro-crimmigrant lobby by asserting that the move was not xenophobic, but rather a necessary decision for dealing with limited funds.

Embattled German food bank reopens membership to migrants

Sad, is it not, that Germans no longer dare care more for their own than for aliens.