Help Hungary’s Patriot Government Right Now!

Idling at your commuter desk because the tv is boring? Or because your weekend visitor likes to watch the same silly soap every Saturday evening?

Here’s a very worthwhile little task to set yourself


Hungarians vote tomorrow, Sunday, and I read in the Telegraph that Viktor Orban’s patriots, while scheduled to win big, want to ram home their message and are looking for ammo to maximise turnout.

If it’s true that his government’s embassies across Europe have been ordered to collect negative stories about immigration..,

Hungarian embassies order negative stories about migrants

…then the least we can do is help them out.

Take ten!


Or nine!

  • Spin through our blog – where you know for sure you’ll find plenty of such reports – and pass them on.

Better still, just use the headlines or the links. Let the recipients decide for themselves if that’s the kind of stuff they need.

For my part, I offer you the email addresses of Hungary’s diplomatic outposts in the UK – -and USA –

If you want your local contact, just use Google Search!