Hey, Brexiteers! Come Listen To Brave Brit John Redwood!

Hey-ho! Sunday morning and a late start to the Jakarta day. The locals tend to surface at day-break, a habit I have long regarded as injurious to mental and physical health.

A 9.30am rise made more sense, with no plans today…

…but more than a few coffees were still required to activate the brain.


We know the UK Civil Service is rotten with Europhiliac traitors and always has been, especially the Foreign Office, where, it was reported, bottle of champagne were popped when Maggie T was ousted by the Wets.



We have been writing, here on this blog, and elsewhere, long before there was a blog, about the UK’s Enemy Within.

Old News Revisited – UK Civil Service A Den Of Vipers! 

So it’s nice to read that one of the handful of genuine conservatives still prominent in the British Conservative Party, John Redwood, who a while ago authored a very good book warning Brits to beware the various dangers they face…


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..also understands and has, this very month, been drawing attention to the cancerous problem of disloyalty among the Whitehall flunkeys.

The role of the civil service in Brexit – John Redwood’s Diary


It’s well worth a read this weekend.

And better news still, for our readers who live or work in the Greater London area, is that you have a chance to hear Mr. Redwood speak in person!

 John Redwood MP will be speaking at Middlesex University on the evening of Thursday 12 April. His speech is entitled “Towards a Global Britain: Growth, Prosperity and Globalisation in a Post-Brexit World”. Tickets are free. To register click on this link. 

NB. He’ll be speaking at a university.

So the more of you who turn up, the better to balance the numbers of any Europhiliac ReMAYners who may seek to disrupt the event!