Ain’t Just London Got An ‘Enemy Within’ Mayor!

Big birthday today – not mine, but that of someone important to me, hence my attention will be focused on that, rather than blogging.

However, as I note there are several petitions floating around demanding the removal of the dreadful Mayor of London…



…I thought it only fair to reassure British readers that they are not alone in having their capital city in the hands of their nation’s Enemy Within!

Paris Mayor Criticizes Macron’s Tough Approach to Migrants


Macron has already abandoned a proposal to deport failed asylum-seekers to third countries deemed ‘safe.’ 

That’s pitiful, not ‘tough!’

One part of the problem, we’re told, is a migrant encampment (aka slum), mainly home to Afghans, spreading along the Canal Saint-Martin and there’s another similar canal-bank infestation, mostly of Eritreans and Sudanese.

Not much need for debate, surely?

The are three very obvious alternative re-location areas for these fake refugees ( if they’re not fakers, ask how they could have got into France without travelling through a safe democratic country.



Then ask how, if the crimmigrants travelled through such lands and didn’t stop, can they possibly be seeking refuge…



…rather than  bigger, fatter, juicier troughs, like France’s – or Britain’s?

Easy solution to the canal canaille?

(NB – canaille is French for lowlife rabble!)

Here are cartographic representations of places to which the lying swine can be transferred –  without blighting the lives of decent French folks.

namgettillegalsGambar terkaitGambar terkaitGambar terkait

But let’s not be too tough on Muppet!

Despite the fact that he’s already wobbled and weaseled on his ‘reforms,’ we see that this woman, just as dreadful as London’s lousy mayor…


Gambar terkait

Paris Socialist Mayor, Anne Hidalgo


…is actually telling Parisians they’d better just grin and bear the uglification of their once-alluring city.

“We’re lying to the French by saying this is a temporary crisis that we’ll fix with an immigration law,” says Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo said. “Let’s be practical: find shelter for the people sleeping in the camps, and then we can look at their situations.”

Yeah, right!

Worry about the well-being of the parasites, rather than that of their victims. If the family home is over-run by rodents…



… then first make sure the rodents have comfy little nests, with loads of cheese, before ensuring the family dwelling is once more fit for human habitation!