Weasel Wassim, France24’s Anti-American ‘War-Hack!’

“Bolton is a known neo-conservative war-hawk.”


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Ann Coulter is a ‘notorious conservative.’


Why do I keep tuning into France24? It’s not that I expect fair reporting of the news…

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…nor am I naive enough to hope for improvement.

The state-subsidised propaganda channel is, after all, “partnered” with the far-left American outfit appropriately called the Daily Beast, whose obnoxious dork Christopher Dickey dismissed millions of Americans as ‘A CONSTITUENCY OF MORONS‘ last month.

I heard him do so and even the ‘moderator’ felt obliged to show surprise.


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But the odd-looking fanatic refused to retract his slur.

They are ‘STUPID,’ he insisted, because they do not agree with his deep personal commitment to the damfool Iran deal.

But that was on the F24 ‘Debate…’

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…which rarely has anyone except lefts or liberals to debate anything.

Today’s news programme, 10am Jakarta time, featuring a bare-faced hack named Wassim Cornet, was, I repeat..


Wassim Cornet 's Fotos in @ misterwassim Instagram Konten

Wassim The Weasel


… a ‘news’ programme, not a debate, not billed as a party political broadcast for the US Democrat Party…


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…but that didn’t deter the leftist weasel Wassim Cornet, who apparently draws a fine salary as a ‘reporter,’ throwing around the slur-words quoted at the top of our page.

Notorious Coulter?- Notorious definition: To be notorious means to be well-known for something bad.

Similarly,’war-hawk‘ is a pejorative, bandied about by Bolton’s foes. If the Clintons, or other Democrats, wish to shrill thus, that’s their privilege.


Such vocabulary does NOT belong in objective reporting. Using such terms made it clear Cornet is no more than a ”war-hack,’ targetting people of his views he disapproves.

France24 is a disgrace, unfit to call its output journalism, of which Weasel Wassim is an outstandingly awful example.

But he may be so steeped in bias that he knows no better. Maybe some of you might like to alert him to his unacceptable behaviour.

Raised in Brussels, London, and Casablanca by a Belgian father and an Algerian mother, I am currently a journalist at France 24.

You can email me at   wassim.cornet@outlook.com