Hinder Dangerous Jihadists? OMG…That's ''Hardline!"

German passports carried by alleged jihadis should be confiscated, according to a hardliner inside Germany’s Interior Ministry. Depriving a German of citizenship is prohibited under Germany’s post-war constitution. 

Double Newsflash –

– the suggestion is plain common-sense, not ‘hardline!’ 


that constitution was NEVER ratified by a democratic vote of the   German people.

Besides, as with any written constitution, it needs to be amended if such action is appropriate. 

The ‘hardliner’ turns out to be Stephan Mayer, parliamentary state secretary in Germany’s Interior Ministry.


Close-up of Stephan Mayer (picture-alliance/NurPhoto/A. Pohl)

‘Hardliner’ Mayer


He’s reportedly expecting an urgent law change to deny passports to what he termed jihadis with double citizenship.

We read that nobody knows for sure but there are anything from 1.9 up to 4.3 milliondual German citizens including 1 million resident young adults.

Mayer is then ( impartially of course!) described by The Leftal as having been  previously astrident law and order advocate  in the Bundestag.

Strident. Not ‘determined,’ not ‘forceful,’ not ‘relentless,’ but ‘strident.’

What a difference an adjective makes, portraying the man as disagreeably noisy rather then committed to his cause.

And since when is it a bad thing to be in favour of law and order?



Possibly since Mama Stasi Merkel flouted national and European law by allowing in the alien horde?

Now let’s return to how his words contradict the constitution. In fact The Leftal eventually has to admit that, while that document does say that -.

“No German may be deprived of his citizenship. Citizenship may be lost only pursuant to a law, and against the will of the person affected only if he does not become stateless as a result.”

…their very next paragraph is headed –


Denial sometimes allowed

And admits that current legislation allows German authorities to deny the issuance of a passport to a German applicant in situations likely to endanger national security, avert prosecution or avoid tax obligations.

German Interior Ministry floats passport denial for ′jihadis′ |

The existence of large numbers of disloyal Islamists – call them jihadists, Salafists, Wahabbists or whatever- IS a danger to national security.

Number of Salafists in Germany has doubled in past five years | 4 Apr 2018

Germany must brace for more attacks by radicalized Muslims: officials

But once again, there’s been pussy-footing galore, as reported a few months ago.

Only half of ‘dangerous’ Islamists actually dangerous – German police

Just how reliable are these PC ‘police?’

Shocker – Honest Cop Unmasks Migrant Crime Cover-Up! 


So Herr Mayer’s plan is inadequate, as shown by the readiness of the leftist SPD to support it.

 The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) supports an initiative to deprive Islamists of German citizenship, if they were proved to be linked to terrorist groups…

German SPD Supports Initiative to Strip Islamists‘ …


Proving links to terror gangs should not be required, any more than the UK or the USA required ‘proof’ before acting against enemy aliens in WW2.

Every Salafist, for a start, should not only be deprived of his (or her) passport but deported.

ANY people in Germany who put sectarian allegiance above loyalty to their country ARE dangerous.

Disloyalty is ipso facto dangerous.

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    Oh yes of course.
    Women who resist rape by Merkel’s NAFRI beasts are also hardline.



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