London's Terrible Top Cop – Fire That F-Wit Mackey!

I have to say, having lived and worked in London for some years, friendly with several coppers in the UK capital, I am disgusted with how the standards of the Metropolitan Police appear to have declined.

In a previous post, I noted with dismay that the death of a known criminal as a consequence of a home invasion was described as a ‘tragedy’ by the Met’s Deputy Commissioner, Sir Craig Mackey.


Gambar terkait

Moronic Mackey


Now, catching up on that imbecilic statement – any normal person would surely evince responses ranging from quiet satisfaction to exultation – I find an article from the Freedom Association, which tells us that…



…not only have the scumbag’s fans been busy erecting shrines opposite the victim of the home invasion’s house (which we knew already) but that, when decent residents want to dismantle these obscene memorials to a scabrous blight on society…


the Met has even threatened residents with arrest!

Although I usually trust the good people who produce that bulletin to give us accurate info, this tested my trust, so I went in search of confirmation, and lo…

the Deputy Chief of the Metropolitan Police has admitted that anyone removing the shrine to the Hither Green burglar could be arrested

Police Chief: You Could Be Arrested For Removing Shrine To Burglar ..

 The man’s perhaps not clinically a moron, but he talks like one and his sheer stupidity brings every honest cop in the country into disrepute.

If there was a responsible person holding the position of Home Secretary, the clown would be dismissed tomorrow, but alas…



…that job is held by Amber Rudd, who, in her own weaselly way, is as much an affront as Mackey.

However, the research required of me to update this sicko saga has usefully revealed what I had suspected but didn’t previously say, because I don’t like to jump to conclusions.

Yes, ITLA!

Police chief DEFENDS travellers building shrine for dead Hither Green ...

It’s that lot again!

I was a keen traveller when I was younger. I loved to hitch and later travel by rail around Europe. The series ‘Lonesome Traveller’ produces books for people, of all ages and creeds and colours, with an urge to see the world.

But they are not the ‘travellers’ in that headline.

Travellers DON’T Obstruct Roads and Railways! It’s Roma Ratbags! 

Oh, and BTW, the old folks whose home was invaded? They are no longer living in their home as it is believed their lives are in danger.

So says the FA bulletin, and that fact too is an outrage. 

If the old guy can handle a gun, he should be given one, and authorised to shoot any wayward ‘travellers’ who seek to cause trouble in or around it.



Volunteers, of whom I’m sure there would be many, should be given similar authority. A few more dead swine would be a nicer street decoration that the swine-shrines.

Gambar terkait

As for those latter, is there not a Litter Act, first promulgated in 1958 and still in force?

Local constables should be told to arrest anyone placing garbage, ESPECIALLY garbage ‘honouring’ garbage, on the public footpath or roadway. 

Anything less is a dereliction of police duty.