BBC (Brussels Big Cheer-Leader) Buckles Under Pressure!

A small victory, perhaps, but one that would never have been achieved without constant patriot agitation.

Not that May or any of her Ministers, pro or con Brexit, would ever have the guts to do to the BBC what that Austrian MP has threatened to do to their state-funded broadcaster.

Bias! A Patriot MP Enrages State-Media Hacks! 

But while the BBC’s Europhiliac mandarins are twisters  for the most part, they are none of them stupid.



They will push their propaganda as far as they can but if they sense they risk an effective backlash, they draw back.

The BBC has scrapped a planned documentary about the campaign to block Brexit amid concerns that it could be seen to breach impartiality guidelines.


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The programme was to have focused on Remain leaders, including Lord Adonis, the Labour peer, and Anna Soubry, the Conservative MP

BBC drops documentary on anti-Brexit campaign

Of course, one swallow does not make a summer.

We cannot let up on the creeps, just because of one little bit of good news. Every time we blog against them, or pen a good article in any media, like John Redwood’s neat little look, this very week, at the shallow sell-out tactics which they practise on almost a daily basis….



…the Today programme had the good idea of going to Germany to find out what they are thinking about the EU and Brexit. A few patsy interviews later we were little the wiser. 

..the sly swine get ever slyer.

As we have often demonstrated, they usually manage to avoid making overtly biased noises themselves. Instead they choose their ‘guests’ with the sort of gay abandon you’d expect of their sort.

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We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC  –

The aim should be to destroy the BBC, which is irredeemable.

And the best way to do that is simple.

MPs should be made to understand that privatisation ought to be the goal.

If propaganda is the BBC priority, make them pay for it themselves.