Gross ‘Professor’ ( Really! ) Savours Mrs. Bush’s Death

I was never a big fan of Barbara Bush but the idea of somebody rejoicing in her death because of the pain it’s causing her bereaved family is not just weird but sickening.

Yet this unpleasantly-spoken, and unpleasant-looking ( is she grotesquely obese or pregnant – there’s a scary thought!) ‘Professor at Fresno State University,’ appears to think she’s going to get away with that, and with the other expletive-laden rants she has published recently, on the bizarre grounds that she has ‘tenure.’


 ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”

Professor Randa Jarrar, Fresno State University—


Jarrar even bragged about how much money she made as a tenured professor, saying, “I will never be fired.”  Jarrar has since locked her account after racist and anti-Semitic tweets were discovered.

This essentially Un-American slobbess was born in Chicago to an Egyptian-Greek mother and Palestinian father. She grew up in Kuwait and Egypt, then returned with her family to the U.S. in 1991.’

More alien than American, you might think!

Having respectful memories of my own professors, for the most part, in contrast to many of the current crop…

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…I find it incredible that any reputable university would hire an inarticulate foul-mouth, except perhaps as a janitor (no disrespect to janitors, but if they wish to spout obscenities in the solitude of basement store-rooms, they don’t bring the college into disrepute!)

I’ve heard that odd excuse – ‘tenure’ – bandied about before, as an excuse not to fire inexcusable and obnoxious academics. The concept surely should be scrapped asap and Jarrar told to take her obscene ranting to a shrink for urgent attention.

At the moment, the college bosses are said to be looking at the corpulent cow’s anti-social act of presenting a mental health hotline number as her own, clearly unwilling to face criticism from outraged students, parents and citizens.



The people who run the hotline have reported that they have been receiving an extremely high number of calls due to her tweet

Waste of time ringing Fatso, clearly, but you may email her, if you wish.

Alternatively, why not contact President Castro?

Seriously. The university president is named Joseph Castro, no relation, so far as I know, to the murderous Cuban dynasty.

Feedback for President Castro – Fresno State

He has dissociated himself and his institution from the horrid hag’s rant, but so far, no sign of dismissal.