Lose Those Lousy Lords! Sign Up, If You Haven’t Already!

A Lord attending everyday the House is in session could claim £39,000 tax free – the equivalent of a pro rata rate of over £150,000 a year.


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That’s a quote from one of the petitions listed further down the page, and is a strong argument in itself for getting rid of this pack of weasels whom NOBODY voted for.

Frankly, I preferred the hereditary system. At least there was an element of chance in its composition!

Yet even before the invidious invention of ‘life peerages,’ the sort of grand old lords who fought brave fights a hundred or more years ago in defence of our Ulster kin were already being swamped by disgusting additions…



…hereditary peerages conferred willy-nilly by successive politicians on their chums, an ‘honours system’ which even granted knighthoods to grimly inappropriate individuals from the media world, like the co-founder of the 1930s Left Book Club, Victor Gollancz…


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…whose break with Orwell came when he declined to publish Orwell’s account of the Spanish Civil War, Homage To Catalonia…   http://discworld.wikia.com/wiki/Victor_Gollancz_Ltd.

…which famously exposed the essential evil of communism.

But those are stories for another day.



Remain-backing lords succeeded in their bid to amend the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill to force ministers to set out the steps taken during negotiations with Brussels to enable the UK to stay in a customs union with the bloc.


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Peers backed the amendment by 348 votes to 225, with 24 Conservatives, including former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine and former health secretary https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/04/18/peers-inflict-heavy-defeat-government-bid-keep-uk-customs-union/

When an un-democratic, in fact anti-democratic, supranational entity like the EUSSR…



….is getting overt support against the British people from a ‘British’ institution with no democratic mandate whatsoever, it’s time to do something about it.

Abolish the lot of ’em!,


I append links to a variety of petitions, so have a look, see what most appeals to you, and sign on.