Wanted – Pamphlets, Pix, Memorabilia – Museum Of Brexit!

I’ll need to get to delving, see what there is in my personal archives, from way back before the 1975 referendum, when I was as active as could be.

Hasil gambar untuk 1975 referendum ballot paper

But I bet some of you good readers too have fought the good fight since that rat Heath dragged the UK into Brussels bondage.

So if you have kept any keepsakes from the long war for freedom, this might be of interest.


The Museum of Brexit

The Plan
Our plan is to bring together memories, stories and items that can help preserve our nation’s history.



Our objective is to bring together a collection that will recall, for future generations, the story of the struggle for the United Kingdom’s independence.

This is the website of those working towards creating a new Museum of Sovereignty,

The Museum of Brexit.