Another Awful Ignorant Prof? Fire Foul-Mouth Finkelstein!

A Brookdale Community College professor is under investigation after a video was released showing him yelling “f–k your life” at a conservative student in the class.


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F-Wit Finkelstein


No sooner had we looked yesterday at a big fat oafess in Fresno State University, than yet ANOTHER inarticulate buffoon holding a senior academic position.

I present the intro and the link and let you make up your own minds if you agree that F-Wit Finkelstein should be dismissed or demoted to dish-washer – a position which would provide him with access to sufficient soap to clean out his foul-mouth. ,

the outburst occurred after student Christopher Lyle challenged his professor, Howard Finkelstein, by suggesting that women and men alike can be victims of sexual crimes…

Professor tells conservative student to ‘shut up, f–k your life’