Brussels V India! Euro-Commissars Eager To Save Child-Rapists?

Three cheers for India, where the Cabinet has approved plans for the death penalty for evil scumbags convicted of preying on little girls under 12 years of age.


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But who can disagree with the Indian lady I saw on the news this morning, who asserted, with both passion and logic, that the arbitrary age limit should be waived.

The more pigs put down, the better.



Disturbingly, the BBC tells us that executions are rarely carried out in India, with just three recorded in the last decade.


And what about the foot-dragging in that notorious case that shocked not just India but the whole world – four men convicted in the Delhi bus case were sentenced to death but, disgracefully…


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…this has not yet been carried out.

It seems there’s a mind-set problem in the judiciary, because today’s report quotes a judge in that gang-rape  case who said it fell into “the rarest of rare category” which justifies capital punishment in India.



What possesses him to say that? Why should proper punishment be ‘rare?’

Probably an alumnus of some pinko university in the weasel world of the EUSSR, where I’ve no doubt Juncker, Merkel and of course their compliant and-maiden Theresa the Appeaser will be wringing their hands!


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.

It’s official Brussels policy to wage diplomatic war on behalf of threatened vermin!

  As we said just a few months ago…

Stand By, Child-Sex-Predator – EU Rescue Efforts Loom! 

So watch out for that unholy trinity, taking time off from Brexit shadow-boxing, to gird up for a new struggle, to save the necks of brutal child-molestors.

And terrorists!

After all, as we’ve explained, more than once, the UK has long acted in servile fashion as a Brussels running-dog, openly meddling in Indonesia’s internal affairs.

UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

So let’s hope India stands firm and starts hangings ASAP!

It’s appalling that the last hanging took place in 2015, when India strung up was the Islamist swine behind the 1993 Mumbai mass-murder bombing.

India introduces death penalty for child rapists