Las Vegas’s Nikki Cox – An Outstanding Star!

I’ve taken to watching ‘Las Vegas,’ a quite new series on cable tv, set, unsurprisingly, in a casino.

Before I continue, an immediate amendment – it’s not new at all. After checking for details, I’ve newly learned it’s dashed near antique – it ran on American television until 2008!

An oldie but a goodie!


Gambar terkait


Starring James Caan, each episode has a self-contained story, often action-packed, sometimes funny, and overall an agreeable distraction.

We’ve featured Las Vegas a couple of times on our blog, for wildly different reasons, one of them a woman of despicable character in the USA..

God Damn Geftman Gold, That Truly Evil Bitch! 

…and another time on some nut-job jihadists here in Indonesia.

Ramadan Thuggery Looms in Las Vegas! 

But those were rather serious pieces.

This series, on various weekdays but a double re-run on those inert Sunday evenings, is a fine diversion from the gritty stuff that needs attention the rest of the week.

It is also no bad thing that the casino has a pool, where the camera spends an inordinate time – in that respect it resembles CSI Miami, bikinis shot from every possible angle.

But in all honesty, those bikinis are unremarkable, compared to this classy lassie…



….whom I regard as the real star of the show, a truly outstanding actress!  .

Her name’s Nikki Cox.

What do you think!-