Gutter-Journo Grobe Gratuitously Insults Nigel Farage

EuroNews is not really a ‘news’ channel at all but a tax-funded propaganda trough…    …as you may see for yourself.


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However, while they habitually slant or distort the news, it gets a bit blatant when they repeatedly provide a free platform for a rabid left-liberal hack named Stefan Grobe.



He drones on, and on, as if he truly thinks we need his toxic prejudices in order to understand what’s going on in the world…

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…but today he truly went OTT -a completely unacceptable sneer/smear against Nigel Farage.

The occasion for this was Grubby’s review of Macron’s paean before the Strasbourg Slugs in favour of supranationalism.

He, Grubby, not Le Muppet, gave us a ten min appreciation of its ‘merits’ but suddenly, for no discernible reason, he turned on Nigel Farage.



No quote included, no chance to hear Farage speaking there, simply a dismissive reference to the ‘British Nationalist’ member, then Grubby’s assessment that the UKIP champion was…

‘…afraid, or just sarcastic.’

I’ve criticised Farage when it seemed appropriate to do so, but for this pampered pro-Brussels hack to do so, a seeming act of spontaneous hatred, is disgraceful.



Farage has generally been courageous, as in that famous debate when he took on and demolished the pathetic Lib Dem leader Clegg, or when he infuriated the obnoxious separatist Sturgeon…



…by saying Brit tax-payers should not have to be bled white to look after diseased aliens.

The only time I can recall off-hand, when Farage might have felt afraid was when a mob of leftist scum besieged the place where he was inoffensively enjoying a pub lunch with his children!

Nigel Farage calls anti-Ukip pub protesters ‘scum’ – ITV News

.Hasil gambar untuk farage family lunch mob

Just look at the degenerate scum – nothing a spot of tear-gas couldn’t cure!


What parent wouldn’t be afraid for his or her kids if a pack of demented degenerates descended on them in such a manner?

Perhaps some patriots should give Grubby Grobe the same sort of treatment, and see who’s ‘afraid’ then!