Why Won’t Reuters Name The Satanic Deportee?

Hell, even France24 tells us who this evil slug is, and is gracious enough to provide a photograph!



No, it’s not Nosferatu…


…though there’s a distinct resemblance!

The sinister-looking creature above Nosferatu is Imam El Hadi Doudi, who was based in the southern French city of Marseille…


Gambar terkait

A fascinating city, where I once enjoyed a Big Mac with my offspring by the harbour


What we know of the far-left Luke Baker, Reuters Paris bureau chief….


No, Reuters Rotters! Crimmigrants CAN Be Deported! 

…might suggest an answer, but he’s a problem for Reuters’ credibility as a purveyor of objective news, no more.

Much more abysmal is the sycophantic attitude of Macron’s regime, which summed up the grubby devil Doudri quite admirably – the French Interior Ministry cited the radical imam’s “deliberate incitement to discrimination..


….hatred or violence against a particular person or group of persons”, notably women, Jews, Shiites and people committing adultery….

…then, instead of kicking him out asap, chose instead to hang about, waiting in servile fashion for approval of …guess who?

‘The European Court of Human Rights’


The Strasbourg Robed Clowns, of course!

Doudi’s expulsion application was suspended pending a ruling by the ECHR, which finally ruled in favour of the deportation on Thursday.

A  – These robed clowns deserve no congratulations for eventually approving the deportation of a fiend. France should never have recognised their jurisdiction, and should derogate now,  in case they get it wrong the next time.

They’ve gotten so much wrong in the past!


Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

…oops, that was the OTHER ‘European Court,’ the ECJ, which May wants to continue interfering in UK affairs despite the referendum result. But it’s not hard to find outrageous ECHR rulings too.

Strasbourg Hands Brit Taxes To Terrorists! ‘Human Rights?’ 

Safeguard Kids From Queers? No Way, Say Robed Rogues 


B – The case presented to them was outlandish, based purely on pinko fretting, that the fiend might suffer some of the pain he wishes on innocent others.

The ruling followed an appeal by the Salafist cleric’s lawyer, Nabil Boudi, who argued that his client would be tortured or suffer “inhuman or degrading treatment” if he was returned to Algeria.


However, more worries arise.

The F24 article reveals that only 20 such undesirables were expelled last year.

What’s needed is 20,000 Islamists put out, or better still 200,000 – if that had been done five years ago, then the Toulouse Tunisian’s pogrom, and the Nice mass-murder, and the Carcassonne deaths, might well have not occurred.

If he starts mass-deportations, THEN I will applaud Macron.