Toronto Terror? A Psycho, A Loner Or A Turdo Import?

Horrible news from Toronto, a van driven into a crowd of people, numerous injuries and, unconfirmed as yet, some innocents reported dead.


An armed man has been apprehended, but no name or origin released, so we won’t know until tomorrow whether the perp is some nutcase…

…or a drunk-driver…



…or one of the many aliens so ill-advisedly admitted by one Canadian Government after another –  but recently steadily increased by Turdo’s ‘refugee’ policy. Some of that lot may be okay, but many must not be…

Keep Canada In The Dark? Who’s Huque Think He Is? 

…if sectarian apologists there are so determined to censor news of their undesirable activities!.

We know from Nice, and from Stockholm – Breaking News – Truck Terror In Stockholm!  – and Berlin – –  and elsewhere that evil Islamists are apt to launch this type of cowardly terrorist attack…


…so as we call it a night here, we can only wonder what sort of individual is behind the Toronto atrocity.