Slimy Silicon Valley’s Geekstapo Must Be Fought!

I’m just passing on a ‘special message’ from Free Internet that I got from Breitbart.

The issue of the Big Tech Enemy Within was on my mind after I heard a pretty Australian gal, of Syrian descent…


  • Hasil gambar untuk syrian blogger russian bot

‘I’ve seen the censorship’: Syrian blogger tells RT… 


… on RT, Monday evening, telling how she had been maligned as a ‘Russian Bot…’


…AND had her Facebook arbitrarily erased, simply because she dissents from current ‘Western’ policies.  The latter victimisation caught my attention…



Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!


…since I too was purged by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo, for highlighting the Cikeusik Pogrom here in Indonesia.

The message is aimed at Americans, but I think it will have resonance across the Commonwealth too.

After years of big tech censorship of conservative speech online, this Thursday Congress is holding a hearing to examine the policing practices of social media platforms like Google’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Witnesses include pro-Trump vloggers Diamond and Silk who were censored and flagged by Facebook as “unsafe for the community,” as well as Representative Marsha Blackburn whose political ad was banned from promotion for expressing a pro-life viewpoint.

Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook have gotten away with blocking, banning, and censoring conservative viewpoints online with little explanation or recourse available. It’s time to stand up to these information gatekeepers and protect the future of free speech online.

Ahead of this important hearing, click here to tell Congress that Silicon Valley can’t get away with censoring conservative speech!

Visit to learn more about how companies like Google and Facebook are abusing your privacy and censoring speech and follow Free Our Internet on Facebook and Twitter to stay involved.

Christie-Lee McNally
Executive Director
Free Our Internet