Urgent Appeal To USA Readers – Senate Reform Needed

No matter if the rotten creeps of the Media-Democrat Party manage to obstruct POTUS in other things. Cleaning up the courts, appointing pro-American judges to balance the robed rats currently holding so many positions in the judiciary, will be a lasting legacy.



So I pass this on, from AFA.

Urgent call to your U.S. Senators now needed regarding a vote today at 3:30 Eastern.

Call now and urge your Senators to vote YES on Sen. Lankford‘s (R-OK) rules change bill, S. Res. 355

This bill will lower the debate time on federal district judges from 30 hours to 2 hours. This bill is need because Democrats have been obstructing the vote on President Donald Trump’s district judges requiring 30 hours of floor debate on nearly every nominee. At the current rate, it would take nearly 9 years to confirm President Trump’s nominees.

Now is the time to strongly urge your Senators to be proactive and vote to lower the debate time from 30 hours to 2 hours.

The vote is today in the Senate Rules and Administration committee at 3:30pm Eastern. 

Call now and urge your Senators to vote YES on Sen. Lankford’s rule change bill, S. Res. 355.