No Brainwashing – Shout Down Gaystapo ‘Day Of Silence!

I don’t think this vile ‘event’ has spread to other countries – yet – but even if the message is only directed at Americans, the rest of my readship should be made aware of what’s on in the USA, because, sure as fate…



….the forces of darkness are unrelenting and will be reaching out for your children too.

Keep Kids Home on the ‘Day of Silence’ April 27

Kids deserve better than bigoted, immoral propaganda!

Keep Kids Home–Skip the Propaganda

The pro-homosexual “Day of Silence” is coming up on Friday, April 27. Will your kids be at school to experience a false message of “progressive” perversion?

Among the lies our kids learn are these– Christians are all bullies and homosexual sex is natural, harmless and inborn. And people can actually be born in the wrong sex body! 

And “silence” is needed on one day a year to mourn the relentless bullying and “silencing” of homosexuals and the gender confused.

When you stop laughing (because this is such a pile of hogwash), realize that our kids do listen and they may not tell you how much of this poison they absorb….


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