Young Patriots’ Stand Spurs Macron To Act!

Take a look at this shocking photograph, taken less than a week ago, a treasonous ‘French’ rabble escorting illegal aliens intent on violating France’s sovereign frontier in the foothills of the Alps.



These vile leftists were engaged in an aggressive confrontation which ended in violent assaults on French security forces, dismissed by Bloomberg as ‘minor scuffles.



That dismissive journalese hardly reflects the reality of the fanatic left louts’ malevolence, which was much more accurately described by the government statement  –

“Violence was committed against security forces and a gendarme vehicle was damaged”

This provocation was the Enemy Within response to the splendid protest we reported last week by the young patriots of  Generation Identity.


Gambar terkait

Another G.I. patriot demo


But the GI good guys were the true winners to emerge from the episode, because as a result of all this patriot V anti-patriot activity, Macron’s Interior Minister announced the despatch of ‘significant security reinforcements to the country’s Alpine border with Italy.’

Minister Gerald Collomb was not at all prepared to give credit where credit was due, to GI…


Minister Collomb


…but actions speak louder than words.

And indeed, some of his words suffice to show us that France is safer now than it was.

The extra security forces will “ensure absolute respect for the control of the border”, he added. 

France to send reinforcements to Italy border after protests over migrants