Hungary’s Red Agnes – Self-Induced Amnesia?

Last week we saw several thousand sore losers raging in Budapest’s streets against the result of the recent election there.



Presumably, logically, many of them were ‘activists’ from the Soros-funded ‘NGOs,’ desperate to hang onto the foreign subsidies they depend on to continue their blatantly political agitation.

The woman in the photo below is a vocal critic of Viktor Orban, the man whom Hungarians have just given an overwhelming parliamentary majority.


Hasil gambar untuk agnes kunhalmi

Agnes Kunhalmi

No sooner was her MZSP party trounced than she put pen to paper on April 11th, issuing a dire prophecy.

Ágnes Kunhalmi (MSZP): A hard world is coming to Hungary

She was given the space to write her grim, apocalyptic warning, by a leftist rag called the Budapest Beacon, where you can read a wide variety of liberal and leftist whining.

Red Agnes seems to be there, as often as not.

I call her Red Agnes because her party, which nowadays likes to call itself ‘Socialist,’ is in fact simply the rebranded quisling party…




…which collaborated with Soviet occupation forces to keep Hungarians in servitude for forty plus years, from 1947, and through 1956, when the brave Magyars rose in revolt…


Budapest 1956

…until the restoration of democracy in 1989.

History, yes, and a period I’ve talked about before, as, too, is the sly way these communist hypocrites re-invented themselves as ‘democratic socialists.’

Not just in Hungary of course, but all over East/Central Europe, one of the most bare-faced being Die Linke, The Left Party, in Germany.

A great pity these vermin were not hunted down, all of them, and put to death as prominent Nazis were after WW2.


Hasil gambar untuk judgement at nuremberg

However, that’s just plain good sense, but water under the bridge.

We hear their heirs holding forth about how their ‘new’ parties are different, reformed and no longer in love with the hate that characterises marxism.

‘We’ve turned our backs on totalitarianism. That’s the past, we’re the present,” the socialists‘ siren song goes, but let’s seek the truth, and Red Agnes is, perhaps inadvertently, a handy source.


Ágnes Kunhalmi: Socialism is over, the walls are in our heads!

She wrote that in August 2015 

My name is Ágnes Kunhalmi.  I was born in Hungary in the small town of Kiskunmajsa.  I’m very proud that by the age of 30, I became the president of the Budapest chapter of the largest opposition party… I myself chose the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP).

It then turns into a real fun read, not only her opinions but in the actual words she chooses to express them, like this –

 Everyone should know that in the 1980s, before the system change, the school system was a lot more free.  

Historical note – what RedAgnes delicately describes as ‘THE SYSTEM CHANGE’ is more accurately defined as liberation. Prior to 1989, Hungary was a one-party marxist state.

The ‘school system’ had for years taught twisted history…




…heroes of the resistance like Cardinal Mindszenty were not lionised but either air-brushed out of lessons or vilified.

Imre Nagy, captured after duped in 1956, then brutally murdered by the Communists…


Gambar terkait

Imre Nagy statue, Budapest

Lest We Forget! Hungary’s Blood-Red October Still Echos! 

…had to wait till after the liberation before his remains were re-buried with full honours and a statue erected reverently in Budapest.

Red Agnes’ historical perspective is incredibly skewed.

After the Second World War the peoples and states of Europe came together by giving up a part of their sovereignty…

Is this red propagandist telling us that Hungary is not in Europe?

Or Poland, or the Czechs or all those other brave nations who did not ‘come together’ but were reduced to slave states by the rapist butchers of Red Army?

Giving up part of their sovereignty?

Every iota of their sovereignty was ripped away from them by the Kremlin and the local collaborationist secret police…


AVO secret police scum, cornered by freedom fighters


Gambar terkait

One strung-up AVO traitor!


… who, in Hungary, happily, got a little of what was coming to them in 1956.

The AVO served the USSR.

Now Agnes warms to the EUSSR.

Let us not view this challenge as a threat, but as a new opportunity that will also bring about changes in ourselves.  It will involve the European people and ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone. 

Ágnes Kunhalmi: Socialism is over, the walls are in our heads!

Red Agnes’ ripping yarn!

…fear that continued economic decline would lead to social upheaval is usually given as the main reason for the regime’s decision to negotiate with the opposition, and a prime pressure that caused the fall of communism in Hungary.   End of communism in Hungary (1989) – Wikipedia

 So, a confession?

The Reds’ hand-over of power to the people was hardly a sign of any change of heart, merely an example of bowing to the inevitable?

…a lot of people in Europe and the western world believed that Hungary would prosper after the system change.  That we were the happiest barrack in the Eastern bloc. 

Vague whisper of reality, that reference to barracks, a nation held down, denied freedoms by force.



Yet nowhere is there any expression of the joy every decent Hungarian felt at the end of the dictatorship.

That sicko phrase ‘system change‘ recurs again and again throughout Red Agnes’ diatribe,

Comecom collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the industrial and agricultural associations that existed for forty years before the system change no longer exist.

 She witters on for paragraphs, about the educational system, but it’s when she gets to the real threats Hungary faces that the unmistakable face of cultural marxism becomes clearly visible.   


Red Agnes, like her counterparts in other countries afflicted by hordes of illegals, does not like telling it like it is.


Mustn’t call these violent primitives, stoning Hungary’s border, ‘illegal!’


… the Hungarian government created a new expression with immigrants, the “illegal immigrant”, which the law does not even recognize. 

Oh yeah? Everybody around the world recognises the meaning of tose two words.



Read all her guff if you like, but be aware that this woman is the sort that will replace Orban, if the Sorosoids have their evil way.