Milan’s NAFRI Fright Night! C’mon, Italy, ACTION – Now!

An appalling report, not from any naughty populist media but from the mainstream Italian ANSA news agency’s Lombardy section.


Gambar terkait


Two NAFRIs were captured by police after ‘four 4 violent episodes’ in Milan and its outskirts.

The ‘episodes’ included the ‘the murder of 22-year-old Bangladeshi‘ ,,, ‘a knife-attack on a 21-year-old English student’…




…’the wounding of a 31-year-old Italian’ and an ‘attack on a Peruvian 36 years old, beaten and wounded…’

Interrogation of the NAFRIs in custody –  two Moroccans, Abderahim Anass and Saad Otmani – is under way.

No matter what charges are eventually brought in this case, it’s hardly the first instance of NAFRIs in Italy that we’ve covered.



Mr. Mohamed, The Moroccan, Tells The Truth! 

Notably, there was that reported late last year, when the admirable Giorgia Meloni summed up the character of those involved as ‘maghreb worms.’  

Italians must be desperate to get a government which will tackle the migrant menace. It’s been months since the election and still there’s wrangling about how to share power.

What is required is action, even a short-term deal to initiate large-scale deportations. Perhaps Giorgia could knock some heads together in parliament?