Shorts V Scarves – Zuckwit’s Shariah Collaboration!

Please circulate this picture as far and fast as you can!


Iran – women’s international volleyball team, in pre-barbarous times (top) and (below) under the ayatollah terror

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How sad to see how low that land has sunk…


What a contrast…

…between those nice, healthy, normal women at the top, dressed as sportswomen should be…



..and those sad-sacks down below, maybe nice and healthy and, underneath the shariah-shrouding, normal, but very clearly subject to sectarian sexist oppression.

Male teams from Iran are not bullied into mediaeval garb, after all, are they?

But we all know that women in barbaric societies are forced into backward clothing.


‘Fathers and husbands, it’s YOUR duty to cover them up!’


So what’s new?

What’s new is that Mark Zuckwit’s shariah geekstapo BANNED a woman from Facebook for thirty days…

…for posting that picture!


Obama’s ideological catamite, as we have said before.

But read that Gatestone link!

A German lawyer has won a case against Zuckwit’s pro-crimmigrant censorship!