Al Jazeera’s Myopic Look Back At May ’68 “Events!”

I almost laughed out loud this morning, but didn’t, since at 7.30am I’m not really into ‘loud…’


….esp. after a few drinks last night with my most welcome holiday weekend visitor from overseas!


…when the presentrix of a retrospect on the May 1968 ‘events’ in France displayed typical Al Jazeera objectivity.

Speaking of the revolting ‘students’ then, she said they were motivated by the ‘suffocating conservatism that held sway under President Charles De Gaulle.


Hasil gambar untuk cohn bendit daniel


In fact, they were ‘motivated’ by infantile marxist ingratitude for the excellent educational facilities provided them by the terribly cruel country they lived in. Nobody had bullied them into universities, but they inexplicably imagined that these groves of academe somehow belonged to them.

That was when all this ‘occupation’ nonsense began.

That photo above shows one of the rabble-rousers most notorious at the time, ‘Danny The Red,’ aka Daniel Cohn-Bendit, whose very presence in France was a cause for curiosity, exacerbated when, in later life, he became a prominent politician…in Germany!


green party red


But his choice of party then confirms what we often say, that Reds shape-shift very easily into Greens.

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem 

Where I was then, at a grand old university in the United Kingdom, we had nothing so riotous as Paris suffered, but there were still ‘dilettante revolutionists’ about, who tried to arrogate to themselves whose voices might be heard and whose might not.



We confronted these prototype Red Nazis, the political grandfathers of the Antifa scum we see today…


Shock Poll – Most UK ‘Students’ Infected With Red Nazism? 

…and we put them in their place.


As indeed did De Gaulle, who, as the Al Jazeera witter-woman had eventually to admit, called for a counter-demonstration, which was massive…


Hasil gambar untuk de gaulle 1968

People Power-  on 30th May, 1968, Parisians showed support for De Gaulle


…then called an election and his regime of ‘suffocating conservatism’ was returned to power ‘with an increased majority!

Then, as now, democracy was the best cure to apply in lands afflicted by marxist (or liberal) maladies.