Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias

  • It’s World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd, and we have to wonder why so many media give freedom to bigoted leftist hacks to parade their political hang-ups, masquerading as ‘news.

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  • Eszter ZalanSorosoid Zalan

BIAS? Didn’t EUObserver Dip Into The Soros Trough? 



Nora Koves, who “suspects her phone is being monitored.” 

But right away, Zalan admits that Koves works for an ‘NGO’ partly funded by US billionaire philanthropist George Soros’ Open Society foundation.

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    Let’s not beat about the bush.

  • If you take Soros’ shilling, you are no friend to your country, no matter which country we’re talking about.

  • Brits know this as well as Magyar patriots.

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  • Fight The Sorosoid Elite! Donate To Westmonster! 

    Guardian Top News? Not Soros Meddling But ‘Pole Dancers!’

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  • It’s only a pity that the British Government doesn’t crack down on disloyals, nor will EUObserver’s hacks echo the patriotic stance of one Hungarian newspaper, which  has published a list…

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  • ..which identifies an array of indisputable Enemies Within, described, perfectly accurately, as…

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  • … ‘Soros mercenaries….’ – which included members of human rights organisation Amnesty International, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International, refugee advocates, investigative journalists and faculty members from the Soros-founded Central European University (CEU).

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  • Joking, yeah? Amnesty International?
  • Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

    Joking, yeah? Investigative journalists?

  • Election! As Soros’s “NGOs” Rage Against Whistle-Blower! 
  • But the Sorosoid don’t LIKE real investigative journalists!
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  • The rats went into rat-run mode, as Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) removed all names and contact details of its Budapest employees from its website, citing concerns over the security of the staff.
  • Better still, we learn that the OSF subversives may clear out altogether, a transfer of operational control from Budapest to Berlin, where Mama Stasi Merkel will certainly fawn over Soros’ flunkeys.

  • And that university, which we have looked at carefully and found wanting…

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  • Hasil gambar untuk michael ignatieff ceu

    CEU University boss Michael Ignatieff, a veteran of Canadian left-liberal politics – he was a wannabe prime minister and is a known champion of ‘migrants.’ He has not hesitated to use his university position to pontificate on the issue.

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  • …is also said to be planning to do a runner, to Vienna, though one hopes the sensible Austrians will tell them to sod off.

  • All this may be regarded as newsworthy, but Left Zealot Zalan tramples all pretence of objective reporting underfoot with her coverage.

  • Characteristically, she makes no attempt to confirm the  Sorosoid’s wild claims of phone-tapping.

  • Zalan also dismisses the list as merely the latest move in a series of smear campaigns and attempts to intimidate…


She ignores that fact that Soros IS behind these so-called ‘NGOs’ and they ARE overtly out to aid and abet crimmigrants.

Ludicrously taking sides, she goes on to accuse Viktor Orban will continue his brand of confrontational politics, based on creating perceived enemies. 

Orban did not ‘create’ these agitprop outfits. Soros did, and those that Soros didn’t create are irrefutably sustained by his support.  They hate Hungary’s PM and want obstruct him and ultimately overturn the election result and replace him with one of their collaborator politicians, maybe like that Red Agnes we wrote about this week!

Hungary’s Red Agnes – An Example Of Self-Induced Amnesia? 

Or maybe ‘tele-tappy’ Koves, whose paranoid ranting  Zalan quotes extensively…

“..we are beyond the point of no return,” she told EUobserver in Budapest a day before the vote. Koves…has been at the forefront of organising several demonstrations in Hungary…

Zalan flouts all fair play reporting standards.

When she mentions that Orban encouraged journalists in a radio interview to look into the Soros network, she gives him no credit for encouraging real investigative journalism, but uses brazenly slanted wording to attack him.

Zalan jabbers that the PM was claiming as as pretext that the “core of the European politics is transparency”.

That’s her opinion, not a fact, but Zalan is such a lousy, unprofessional, bigoted liberal that she simply cannot distinguish between truth and prejudice.

I could go on and on about this pinko propaganda-cr+p but jump forward to her final biased concluding sentence,viz..the renewed atmosphere of fear and stigmatisation the Orban government has created since the election

Zalan admittedly makes no bones about whose side she’s on, but until she learns how to report impartially, she really ought to be taken off the news-desk and given a slot in copy-writing for some local rag’s ad pages.

Her putrid brand of purple prose might work well there…


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…though I doubt it.