Dateline BBC – Biased Bigots' Chorus!

I was a little the worse for wear yesterday, thanks to my partying on Saturday, so when I saw that BBC’s dismal Dateline show was coming on, I decided to have an arvo nap.

But, like that Wedding Guest in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, I couldn’t quite break free from the horrid fascination that the BBC exerts on me.

Before I could do my pre-nap chores (cat let out, her food put back in the fridge, etc.) there it was, in all its unprofessional, politically prejudiced majesty…



…and when the anchorette told us that the panel would be discussing President Trump’s intended summer visit to the UK, those words of her predecessor a year ago sprang to mind…’

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

…and I simply HAD to see if that BIGGEST of BBC BIG LIES would be shown up yet again.

And by God was it not?

Grand-style, a collection of Trump-hating hacks from no less than four countries, and not a single guest to speak in The Donald’s defence.

The first to speak was David Aaronovitch, who was a notorious marxist…


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Aaronovitch actually wrote an autobiographical piece entitled Party Animals: My Family and Other Communists

  • …when he was involved in student politics years ago and he’s clearly not changed a lot, rabbiting about the ‘manifest absurdity’ of Trump.

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Not to be outdone, a Belgian named Marc Roche snarled about how the President made ‘very stupid’ comments.

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Then a Canadian queer ( this berk has been on Dateline before, vying for the most biased rants with a pack of other ghastlies – Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show!  ) the leftist Jeffrey Kofman denounced DT for  working to “curry favour with the hard right!

The fourth guest was an Italian woman, Annalisa Piras. Going down the low road, she pretended concern for HM The Queen, who, Piras whined, ‘should be spared‘ the ordeal of hosting the head of state of Britain’s most powerful ally.

Never having heard of her, it seemed wise to check her out and – surprise, surprise…


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…she writes for the Guardian!

AND the BBC had infamously screened a propaganda film she made five years ago, in which she criticised the Brussels Commissars…



…NOT for their continuous assaults on national sovereignty, but for what she herself described as their failure to present an alternative vision to the narrow-minded nationalism fuelling the rise of “insurgent” anti-EU parties all over Europe.

All of these people are perfectly entitled to hate Trump, or Eurosceptics, or all people and parties who show signs of patriotic and/or conservative sympathies.

But the BBC is deliberately excluding ANY Trump fan. Even their latest anchorette (not the one who lied about trying to find Trump supporters…


Hasil gambar untuk dateline london   jane hill

Snarky Hill


…but a more recent (extremely unprofessional) bint whose blatant bias was on display yesterday, with her snarky little jibes, like how Trump is ‘not interested in actual figures…’ .

That’s opinion, Comrade Hill! Do your job!


Get your act together and act like a serious journalist, instead of cheer-leading the leftist hacks on your show.

Or is that too much to ask of any BBC bint?


PS -I had had enough by the time they moved on from Trump-bashing to Brexit, and went for my nap.

Brits can watch it all via the link.