One Exile In Sweden We Can Admire!

So many of the aliens who have been allowed into Sweden have been exposed as evil ingrate savages…

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…that it’s refreshing to find news of one foreign man there who cares enough for principle and has the courage to act on it.

I refer to Kamran Ghaderi, an Iranian-born resident of Sweden, who set out in February to walk from Stockholm all the way to his enslaved homeland, proudly bearing his country’s flag.

Not the current ugly sectarian banner that flies over the luxurious HQ of the Islamist gang that misrules the land, the murderous clique instituted by the monster Khomeini…



…but the grand old royal flag, under which Iran prospered and progessed.

When Karman got there, he was arrested and charged with “propaganda against the state…assembly and collusion against national security” and “insulting the supreme leader and officials of the Islamic Republic.”

That latter charge alone should qualify him as a discerning patriot.

Wicked tyrants like the ayatollahs need to be called out for what they are!

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After Iran’s monarchy was ousted following the country’s 1979 revolution, the lion and sun symbol on the flag was replaced with an emblem representing various Islamic symbols including the word “Allah” (God) by the newly established Islamic Republic.




Today, the old flag has become a symbol for some Iranian opposition groups in exile, particularly monarchists seeking the return of the Pahlavi Dynasty

That’s a useful piece of background from the IRHO who published Kamran’s story, but I must suggest a correction.

It’s not just patriots in exile who see the monarchist flag as their symbol and hope to live once more under a shah.

As the recent uprising indicated…

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…there are many, many citizens back home, as well as abroad, who share hope of liberation and pride in their country’s royal heritage.