Lousy Lords, Snouts In Trough! Why Don't You Just…

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The Duke of Wellington, educated at Eton and Oxford, is believed to have received over £80,000 in EU subsidies….

REVEALED: Brexit wrecker’s EU handouts – Duke of Wellington …




Brexit blocker Lord Heseltine pocketing £90000 a year in EU land …

Of course we expected Heseltine to do all in his power to subvert the British people’s democratic decision.
“We must not give in to mob rule”.
Michael Heseltine, aka ‘Tarzan’, charismatic europhile darling of the Conservative left, and matricidal mace-wielder. One-time Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister. Explaining his opposition to holding a referendum on Euro entry in a BBC television documentary.

EUSSR…Participatory Democracy? – A Travesty…Common Identity? – A Joke! 

Heseltine may consider voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the next General Election to stop Brexit from happening –

King Rat! 

He has always been an arrogant elitist, contemptuous of commoners who defy the self-styled ‘great and good’ – a class that is good for nothing, but great at betrayal.
But surely we were entitled to expect more from the current holder of the title conferred on the Iron Duke?
Or maybe not.
Noses and eyes may be passed down the genetic ladder, but pride, honour and patriotism?
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Ain’t necessarily so!
So let’s make sure these parasites are laid off.
They have done NOWT to earn a voting place in parliament, and NOBODY voted for them.
By all means let them hang on to the lordly titles they disgrace, but their seats in the UK legislature should be forfeit.
Along with the bags of cash they squeeze from the UK tax-payers!

A Lord attending everyday the House is in session could claim £39,000 tax free – the equivalent of a pro rata rate of over £150,000 a year.


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  • Mort 21:02 on May 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    Very well-illustrated.
    I enjoy these colorful posts you produce when you’re in a hurry.
    They make the point well.



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