French Cops OK! But There’s Still Blood On Macron’s Hands!

Another bloody Chechen, like the scum who perpetrated the Boston Marathon mass murder. How many are there, in the USA, in France, or all over Europe, leeching off the public purse?


Russians? NOT Really! Chechens Invade Europe! 

Whatever, it was grand to read that the Paris cops put the pig down, after he hollered ‘Allahu Akbar’ and killed a defenceless Frenchman.

But the key news is not that the sectarian swine was ‘born in 1997 in the Russian republic of Chechnya…’



….but that he was also on a French watch list of people who could pose a threat to national security…

So, like any other killings committed by people on that list, the deaths of their innocent victims is down to Macron…



….who has adamantly spurned calls from not just patriot party leader Marine Le Pen, but also from the largest opposition party, Les Republicains, whose spokesman, Laurent Wauquiez  demanded internment of the Enemy Within in March, after the last major jihadist outrage.

Carcassonne gunman NOT given French nationality…

Had all those Islamists on that watch list been rounded up back then, that vile Chechen would have been behind bars, and the innocent French citizen stabbed to death last night would be alive today.



Just as Mama Stasi Merkel’s wicked borders policy means she must bear moral responsibility for the slaughter and rapine committed by the filthy savages she imported…

.If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 


…so too must Muppet Macron carry the can for the beasts whom he refuses to cage.